Phatts refers to an intangible emotion that is felt at an extremely stressful situation. Like Shashi Tharoor's usage of the word farrago creates a sense of confusion and despair.

Etymologically it is derived from the hindi term phati which means torn. That term indicates that you are butt hurt and ass fucked. literally it means that your ass is fucked torn into shreds. Initially this term came in vogue some time around in 2018 in South Delhi, India when Corporate and Taxation attorneys working in Indian Law firms were facing severe crisis in terms of increased work load due to constantly changing government policies. Thus, the millennial connotation has become much popular in the young lawyer crowd from South Delhi in India
"Ishita ka Phatts ho gaya"

"Due to work, Ishita was Phatts"
by SDMLawyer November 16, 2018
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to have a wide, plumb, large behind
Tiffany's butt got phatt over the summer
by Simone November 01, 2003
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being wide ass-ed, wider than normal, big butt bone, wide hipped or anything Phatt.
Dave's VW jetta is Phatt
by vdubdoug July 29, 2003
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Pretty Hungry All The Time. Used by younguns-teens-young adults, not as an insecurity cry, but as an expression of ones desire for food in order to grow.
"I like long romantic walks to the refrigerator, cos' I'm phatt."
by The cookie monster December 09, 2013
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What you use when you’re obese from being too obese.
Bruh, I’m so phatt I could sit on my butt and have it burst like the Big Bang.
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