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Ishita is an name for girls of mostly indian origins.

Ishita's are the people who can do anything for their friends no matter what but are not that respected and honoured.

Ishita's are the most beautiful Peaple you will ever meet.

The are a lot trustwothy and a very good motivater and listener. You can literally tell them anything you like even your deepest secrets.

They are too polite and their face has those mesmerizing eyes and stunning festures.

As they grow up they have the most difficulty facing the world but they learn by themselves and become independent. They show themswlves as strong and independent but somewhere in the middle of the night you will find the weeping for the most silliest thing too.

They are the people who can do anything they want once they put their thought into it. But whatever said and done they live their life happily and with gratitude
Ishita is the most pretty girl on the planet.
by Tellt January 10, 2018
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