A 20mm 6 barreled anti-missile CIWS (close-in weapons system) mounted on aircraft carriers and other ships. Designed to be a point defense system, it is the first effective design able to shoot down most anti-ship missiles, including High-g Maneuvering sea skimmer missiles. It's six barreled Vulcan cannon can fire at about 4,500 rounds per minute, creating a virtual wall of lead in front of the enemy missile.
The ship seemed doomed, but the phalanx system came online just in time to shoot down the anti-ship missiles.
by MArk t3h Great April 26, 2007
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the phalanx was a group of men, usually greek, who stood with over lapping spears, some as long as 20 feet. This formation was the greeks heavy infantry for hundreds of years. The macadonains took much of the world with this formation, and the spartans perfected it.
the strongest men would stand on the left flank
by yankee July 23, 2005
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an automated 20mm air defense gun used on modern U.S. Navy Ships
The enemy strike aircraft were no match for the cruiser's 3 Phalanx guns.
by Admiral Nimitz November 18, 2004
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1. Military formation protection and attacking all sides
2. Wrestling maneuver The Urban Rebel likes to perform on The Chameleon in witch The Chameleon's face is flattened into the ground.
Urban Rebel utilized the Phalanx in order to decimate The Chameleon's olfactory receptor.
by TheUrbanRebel October 21, 2003
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A pornographic scene in which a large group of erect men proceed to engage a smaller number of women (the ratio usually being of the order 8:1, men:women). Due to the carefully planned and well organized platoon, the women are unable to escape the brutal pussy pillaging that awaits them. Any attempt of escape is punished with vicious mushroom slaps and anal penetration. No prisoners are taken...
As Ashley looked into the distance, all she could see was a wave of cocks engulfing the horizon, she knew she would soon have her vagina pillaged by the mighty cocks of the Phalanx.
by SteveSmithUofT January 13, 2010
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To move in a tight group and strike as one. A Phalanx usually consists of three or four Spartans per group. Phalanx men were usually grouped with other Phalanx.
Containing fearless Spartans, the Phalanx movement pattern was a strategy usually seen by the Greek army.
by Ryro August 28, 2004
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