Wonderful, peace, prosperous, astonishing;

Persia is a funny and very kind and chill persian girl. She has beautiful thick dark brown hair, chocalate eyes that are amazing to stare at.

A beautiful, intelligent, sexy and successful person that you can't help but want to be with all the time.

Persia is the sweetest girl you will ever meet basically.She is the kindest, most caring person ever who will do anything to make you feel special. And she has the cutest laugh, smile, face, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

the best friend a guy could have. shes very pretty inside and out. she will always have ur back. shell always come up with the best ideas.

At first she will seem quiet and shy but if you take the time to get to know her she'll definitely open up to you and you will see how beautiful she is inside and out.
guy #1 omg you know that persian girl??
guy #2 haha of course i do! her name is persia!! and she's persian!! dude she's beautiful
guy #1 yes i know i would totally bang her
by unhappygirl12345 October 19, 2015
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As well as a country, Persia is also a sweet girl who cares for people, but doesn't want to show she cares
Persia is sweet caring and stunning girl
by A.b.c.e.f.g.h.i January 10, 2017
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One of the greatest porn stars in history.
"Dude, have you ever seen that baby's got back with Persia?"

"Didn't she die from AIDS?"
by Bwarepeace May 04, 2006
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A gorgeous girl/woman who loves to be noticed
Persia you are so gorgeous. I noticed your new phone
by Tink2213 November 13, 2017
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