3 definitions by Bwarepeace

One of the greatest porn stars in history.
"Dude, have you ever seen that baby's got back with Persia?"

"Didn't she die from AIDS?"
by Bwarepeace May 5, 2006
1)A Dirty Sanchez given at a party.
2)A Dirty Sanchez given to someone drunk and passed out at a party.
"He can talk about how much he can drink all he wants to, but we have pictures of him getting a Party Sanchez."
by Bwarepeace May 5, 2006
Old school rap song by J. J. Fad sometime in the 80's. One of the members of the group was FYNE!!!
"He's Super Sonic, sonic, sonic, sonic."
by Bwarepeace May 5, 2006