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the act of walking arround for a very long time, usually resulting in boredom or getting lost, made pointless after the invention of the hoarse and later the car
the young lad set out for a day of peregrination, and he was very excited untill he realized that his favorite jordans ahd been snaked, then he grabbed his glock and went postal on his family and his neighbor's dog, see what happenes when some one touches my.... i mean his jordans, GOD.
by QWERTY May 20, 2003
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Most commonly used as a noun- travel form one place to another, especially on foot.

Less commonly used as a verb- the process of transitioning into a peregrine falcon.
Becky's family tentatively began building a giant nest in light of the early signs of her peregrination.
by LEXI the CON artist May 23, 2017
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