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Synonym for "professional with large cock." Pennington's are spread all over the world, causing controversy and jealousy. Football quarterbacks, CEOs, politicians, lawyers, and doctors all have known to have held this surname. What makes a Pennington distinct from these other professionals is their uncommonly large cocks. This frequently causes controversy as women cannot resist the combination of looks, power, charm, and Pennington D. Frequently, women have left their men in search of a Pennington, but to no avail.
That Pennington kicked my ass, stole my girlfriend, and sued me.
by Chet Bowlington August 27, 2005
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pennington girls are the hottest girls around, they mostly get perved on and are very bright and cheerfull. they dilute situations and have a very calming affect. loved by all.
guy:omg man look at that girlshe is hott
friend: yh thats the pennington girl, you dnt have a chance
guy: shut up dude, i cn try...
by dfgyhujytgrf April 03, 2009
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Refers to perfection in all realm of possibility. When referring to a male how ever it means he has a girly throwing arm. When referring to a female it means uncaning beauty, intelligence, generosity, and an unparalleled booty. Calling some one a Pennington refers to unwavering devotion to all those around them, including devil women.
Damn girl you got a Pennington booty!!

Wow girl, you are so Pennington I don't know how you would get more amazing

Dude, you throw that football like a Pennington!!!!
by CutThatMeat November 05, 2008
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The act of going from ass to vag to mouth.
Jim Pennington pulled out of Kati Smith's ass, put his dick in her vagina, then pulled out and proceeded to munch on the shit salad.
by Teh Pink Sock September 21, 2010
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