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Unexplainable clutz, who ends up breaking everything.
"Hey penis fingers... So you have to fuck everything you touch?"
by Snaffta October 16, 2007
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A hereditary condition in which a person's fingers resemble that of a human penis. A person with penis fingers can be identified by large swollen fingers, usually red to purple in color. Prodtruting viens are also common resulting in severe sensitivity during erection. In more acute cases, frequent shedding of the fingernails may occur. Most diagnosed cases have occured in 30 day cycles, similiar to that of a woman's ovulation cycle. FMS, or "Finger Menstrual Syndrom" is the most frequent cause of car accidents in the United States today.
Shit, I got penis fingers.
by Chris Bruno December 12, 2003
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A phrase used specifically as a textual banner on your cellphone. Expresses love in a confusing, non-traditional way. Must be put on your phone by a friend or lover, not by one's self.
Aaron: "Dude, why does your phone say Penisfingers."

Mary: "My BFFL but it there okay."

Aaron: "Umm. Cute?"
by molomay April 04, 2009
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When a friend goes through your drawers at a party and pulls out your vibrator. Only to turn it on and put her finger on it.


Playing with a mans penis with only your finger.
*Oh my god guys come and look at this*
Girl pulls out her friend's vibrator and starts playing with it in front of everyone.


*Girl is tossing a guy off*
Guy : What the hell are you doing?
Girl : Penis fingering you?..
by Milziz November 14, 2009
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Penis Fingers tend to happen when one is tired or intoxicated and cant seem to hit the right keys, or hit several extra keys all at the same time. Meaning No matter what you do your typing looks as if you typed it with your Penis.
John: whjat are yoiu up top tonight man?

Marc: Not much dude, seems like you have a case of Penis fingers tonight, lol.

John: seriouluy, I know right!?
by Spazet April 25, 2011
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