A person who loves the sound of their own voice and won't stop talking. They tell long life stories and usually procrastinate.
Hey, did you see Mr. Dean?

Yeah, he's such a Barrow.
by The musician February 19, 2017
To lick a girl's taint after she has explosive diarrhea.
Goddamnit Dan, you barrowed that girl?!
by Lashonda Yootz February 3, 2009
to fail at something that you think you are good at.
the sky a shot in football form 2feet away
you barrowed it (missing an unmisable shot in football
by pete March 10, 2005
When two dudes are involved in giving each other oral sex and are barely able to even breathe through their noses, because they are so in to it.
We were really drunk and 69ing each other. His face was totally barrowed in my junk
by robbie dobbers February 23, 2010
Somebody with an overly big head for there body, and they need a wheel barrow to get their head around.
Guy 1 - Dude look at lee over there, his head is huge

Guy 2 - Yeah man hes such a barrow

Guy 1 - Hey barrow

Lee - What?

Guy 2 - Yeah man u shld get a wheel barrow for that head its massive

Lee - Fk you
by glen2602 February 7, 2010
Barrow, used to describe somebody overweight who wears glasses.
'Man, that guy is a total barrow'
by DankMemesCykaBlyat February 26, 2017
to be barrowed: to be royally fucked in the ass by torchwood and doctor who star, john barrowman.
i would love to be barrowed by the barrowman.
by barrowman1 June 2, 2011