penis and testicles together--from the ancient and little known Greek god "Penicles" (pronounced peena cleez') who was the god of male genitalia a very early forerunner and inspiration to Freud who connected everything with sex
My penicles were itching and I couldn't find any baby powder.
by Bill Jackson July 25, 2006
When referring to a male's penis and testicles at the same time; the whole package.
Referred to in singular term.
1. "So how big was his penicle?"
2. "...And then I kicked him right in his penicle..."
by IceIceIceHockey March 23, 2004
the length of shaft bewtween bellend and testicles otherwise known as a penimetre, except in the case of a small penis (below 1.5 inches) a nano-penicle, there are 10 nano-penicle's in a penimeter. and one penimeter is equal to 0.5 inches
Dan: i have many nano- penicles.. i'm rather impressed.
jack: well thats nothing on my 5 penimetres.
kyle: well i have the best penicle around.. a whole 6 inches.
Jon: mmmmm penicle
by jockyle January 25, 2010
1. That guy has a very large penicle
2. Suck my penicle!
by Claire March 17, 2004
When you dont know how to spellpencil” correctly.

Pronounced ‘pee-nick-el’.
Teacher: Pronounce “pencil”.
Student: penicl
Teacher: *shoots student in the nuts*
by CarkyAmsterAlt March 1, 2023