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a relitive to the Llama that has a tendency to be very pickey about the silkeyness of it's coat, likes expensive shampoo and african cheese.
I saw an Alpaca being sherred for it's silky coat, then washed with expensive shampoo, after,they fed it African cheese as an award for its good behavior.
by Claire April 25, 2005
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(A group of) husbands and boyfriends. See WAGs.
England's HABs used the presence of their WAGs in Germany as an excuse for their poor showing in the 2006 World Cup, when really they just played shit.
by Claire August 19, 2006
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A greeting to one of your friends that you know extremely well
An example in an online conversation would be:
Person1: heya louie what's up?
Person2: not much claire
by Claire December 20, 2003
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'fako' is an adverb and is used to describe anything that you consider to be sub-standard, irratating, trashy, annoying or just plain stupid! to the point that it shouldnt exist.
"OMG that is sooooo fako"
"Did u see that? Fako!"
"lol fako"
by Claire February 03, 2005
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Unshaved (to say the least) armpits, refers particularly to the unshaved armpits of a woman.
"Lykomg! Did you SEE Julia Roberts' German armpits!?"
by Claire December 25, 2005
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