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73 definitions by Claire

A term used to describe people who are outside of the law and profiting themselves. A few great examples of these people would be Al Capone, Momo (Sam Giancana), and of course Vito Corleone (The Godfather). If you belong to the mafia you are a mafioso or a mobster!
Do you work for the mafia?
The mafia owns almost everything in the world.
The mafia kills off people that are considered bad.
by Claire May 18, 2004
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Tinky-Winky La La derived from the Teli-Tubi language. This translates into English as (in a high pitched voice) “I am humping a large whale suckas
I Tinky-Winky La La-ed last night bros.
by Claire March 11, 2005
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hair thats a mess, that makes you look like youve just had sex
by Claire October 13, 2003
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to place both legs around something, as you would when riding a horse.
"gee, he's hot, i'd straddle him any day!"
by Claire January 27, 2004
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1.extreme unbeliveable shit
The movie was spickin.
by Claire April 5, 2005
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1.extreme unbelieveable shit
That movie was spickin
by Claire April 5, 2005
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