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In cold weather, "penguining" refers to gathering together in a crowd to keep warm. The person in the middle gets the benefit of the body heat of the others, then people take turns being in the middle. Taken from the common practice of penguins in the Antarctic.
In the cold breeze, Chloe kept warm by penguining with her friends.
by Swasti B July 10, 2008
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The act of protecting an item or items between your legs.
Thanks for penguining my bag. I had to go run and get my wallet.
by Finalruner April 13, 2015
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Is the art of robbing gay businessmen/MPs/Lords in London, by offering a blow job then just as there trousers are down you tie the pants round the trousers then stealthy steal the wallet followed by giving the guy a gentle push to the ground. the guy looks like a penguin as he tries to get up and chase you
Earnt 400 quid last night.
went out penguining and met some guy in an ally near the house of lords. You should of seen him flapping trying to get up and chase me
by bankrobber1980 October 22, 2013
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When two people commence an open mouth kiss, and due to alcohol content, one proceeds to throw up/puke/drive the chunder bus into the other's mouth.
'Dude Zak was at a party and this girl totally penguined him'

'Zak hated Penguining'
by Freddykenward September 30, 2014
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