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Adj. Poorly co-ordinated. Bumbling ninny.
Blind People

Jack: "Pass the that plate please."
Jack: "Oh you clumsy blind twat!"
by Jeffrey Douglas November 05, 2006
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When someone is talented enough to fall both up and down the stairs and not hurt themselves severely. Can also be associated with people who run into walls, parked cars, moving cars, poles, and the like.
When Sara Ashley walked into a parked car everyone laughed and called her clumsy.
by racerchickie March 10, 2009
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a stupid overplayed song by fergie
"you got me trippen *ooh stumblin *ooh sinkin ooh* fumblin ohh* clumsy cuz im fallin in love" gay gay gay!
by auti April 21, 2008
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Anyone who has a fondness for face-planting into carpet.
You know that girl I dated a while back, she's clumsy now. She likes to spend time face-planting into her new girlfriend's carpet.
by nucrash February 05, 2011
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Some one who over reacts to almost everything. They are always tripping. Over reacting all the time = always tripping = a clumsy person.
"Dude, hes always trippin' over every little thing. Hes clumsy"
by big a de 619 February 15, 2012
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