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A bizarre condition in where once nibbled on by a penguin, they develop a "love" towards them, and can't stop thinking about them, this mythical disease is believed to made Linus, the creator of Linux, pick a penguin as a mascot for his newly made operating system
by The researcher December 30, 2012
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The 'disease' that inspired Linus Torvalds, Linux creator, to make a penguin (Tux) the Linux logo.
"Penguinitis makes you stay awake at nights just thinking about penguins and feeling great love towards them."

If Obama had penguinitis, he would give more funding to conservation and less tolerance for Arctic drilling!
by This is CS50 in Los Angeles January 25, 2014
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This is a condition that I conjured up for a condition that I did not know a name for.

The condition is when you work or exercise in an environment that causes you to sweat and said sweat proceedeth down your butt and into your nether-regions and causes an irritation while at first would perhaps be a mild case of "swap ass" gradually will lead to Peguinitis if left untreated.

It is called Penguinitis because of the manner that it causes you to walk once you have the rash/irritation between your legs.

you must walk like a Penguin or feel the pain.
man1: Whats wrong with you? You are walking funny.

man2: Nuttin' man I just got a bad case of Penguinitis.

man1: Damn son, early stage or late stage?

by Gotthemstacksholla June 03, 2014
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