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When a guy's penis moves really fast inside a girls pussy causing her to scream really loud!
Chad and Kiersten were goofing off at kmart and saw a Mattress display Chad threw Kiersten on the bed ripped off her clothes and started Thrusting her in the middle of the store.
by SlopNChop December 07, 2016
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when your pee-pee area is moving really fast in a humping motion.
Francis and Larry were at the Bedroom design place in Sears and they got horny so they jumped on a bed and Larry started thrusting on Francis.
by Lauren & Sara. December 27, 2008
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When a guys dick goes really fast inside a pussy
'OHHH YEAH AHHHH' She said when i started thrusting inside her
by I am horny. March 20, 2017
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Thrusting is when you're up against someone kinda humping them but just pushing them closer to you or yourself onto them at the main waist point. Girls especially love it when being kissed and then pulled up against whoever by having that person's hands on their butt and being pulled. Guys seem to like it the opposite, when the girl is the one pulling on the guy. Since some guys don't like their ass being touched, girls will usually grab the side of the guy's pants.
Boy #1: Oh my god, last night i was kissing my gf and she totally started thrusting me.
Boy #2: That's normal, i do that to my gf and she loves it.
by NotYourMom42 October 04, 2009
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