the way to say "fuck" in front of little kids. Unless ur on a Christan Minecraft Server Then its necessary.
1. what the fricc, James! That was not noice
2. Oh Fricc. I got killed by LoganPaul3r79 by his diamond sword.
by lilgamer64 March 11, 2018
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A curse word for kids who just stubbed their toe on their bedpost while doing the Orange Justice for followers.
Fricc hecc, you just spilled spaghetti on your shirt, man.
by Mehidc May 19, 2018
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Also known as "slicc as frick" or "slick as frick". Describes a cat who's head has been petted with water, making it look as if the cat put some hair gel on to make their hair go back.
"Dang boi, that chonker is looking slicc as fricc."
by Evannith July 07, 2019
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