41 definitions by nilethe146

Classes that involve writing essays and reading text. Also known as the most boring type of class you will take in school. A hell of a lot different than math which is also known as the fun class.
I hate English class! Why can't everything be math?!!
by nilethe146 November 13, 2017
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What you get into when you're a bad kid.
You're gonna get in trouble!!!
by nilethe146 October 22, 2015
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Something that only goes faster and faster as you get older.
January 1, 2057 - 12:09 AM
"The year's over already? Where did that time go?"
by nilethe146 June 9, 2015
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What stupid parents and teachers make you stay instead of sucks as a kid.
Kid: I have to go to bed now. It really sucks.
Parent: Don't say sucks. Say stinks instead.
by nilethe146 June 24, 2017
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A girl that wears nothing but spandex. Usually represents someone who is insecure about their lack of booty.
Yup, she's definitely the spandex queen of the college.
by nilethe146 August 31, 2015
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Not fat, but not skinny. May be described as stout.
Person A: Wow! Look at you fat ass!
Person B: I'm not fat. I'm medium.
by nilethe146 December 4, 2021
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An exam or essay assigned by professors in the middle of the term/quarter/semester. You better not screw it up because it is most likely worth a huge chunk of your grade.
I got an F on my midterm. It looks like I might flunk at this point.
by nilethe146 March 7, 2018
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