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A small, short-handled ax for use in one hand.

Made popular as the weapon of choice for a "juggalo" by "Insane Clown Posse", totally disregarding the fact that Chainsaws are way more badass than little pussy axes. And ICP blows. PEACE OUT DAWGZZZ!!!111
Hogar:Dude that guyz giving me shit, I wanna bury a hatchet in his head.

Will the Sensible:A chainsaw would make you look more badass. And a shotgun would be easier. And probaly bloodier.
by Xarionis June 22, 2005

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A character from the comic "Elf Only Inn." He is a 1 eyed tentacle demon guy. He is an "Eternal Sweeper" and has over 10,000 hitpoints. He is green. He looks like Celine Dion. He has an obsession with Britney Spears. He is the Elf Only Inn's official janitor. All the other Demons don't show respect for him. His friends call him "Lord Woot" or just "Woot."
!!Duke Commando!!:I wish I had as many hitpoints as you, Woot.
Lord_Wootsayediditagyn:I know.
by Xarionis May 27, 2004

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One who you are not.
Edward:I'm Rick James, Bitch!

Phil:No, you're Edward, you cuntrag.
by Xarionis March 21, 2005

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Word muscular men use to refer to their massive man boobies.
Porch: Dude you have big pecs. They're like, square watermelons.
Alphonse:Yeah and you have moobs the size of apples you fat bastard. Lol.-kicks Porch's ass.-
by Xarionis February 25, 2005

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