Shortening of smuggling peanuts. When your nipples go hard so that you can see the outline of them through your top.
Its so cold out here im peanuting.
by Marfar May 1, 2006
The act of yanking one's tie as hard as possible to create an unbreakable knot resembling a peanut.
A: What's wrong?
B: Gary just administered a savage peanutting. points at tie, I cant breath...
by barry glitter October 31, 2011
A large group of children, known notoriously as 'The Peanuts', harking originally from the brutal ghetto of Madley Park. However these children can normally be found in most areas of the United Kingdom and there description is as follows , of around 10 members with a core family unit that dominate the pack. These children are extremely aggressive resorting to use of poor English and minor vandalism to ease their boredom.
Example 1: (man walks down street)

The Peanuts: Your Gayyyyy

Example 2: (Group playing football)
(The Peanuts steal football)
( The Peanuts proceed to chew football)
The Peanuts: 'Go Back To Pube Land'

Example 3: (The Peanuts throw rock at window)
(Recipients get pissed off at The Peanuts)
The Peanuts: 'Its that man across the street, we saw him do it'
by The Charlie Brown and the KKK December 15, 2010
Getting roasted by a salty person. Hence getting roasted and salted like a peanut.
Oooooh! You just got peanutted!
by coolkid0904 September 16, 2015
A cute person, used as a nickname to show affection
"oooh my lil brother is such a peanut.'
by Anti_Social October 2, 2005