word used to describe a well mental/good/drunk night or time, also known as madley time
-yer we had a madley of a night last night
-tonight lets hav sum madley time
by rodney978 September 20, 2008
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To overrule a correct decision in favour for an incorrect decision from a position of less information.
Football Commentator: Ake wins the header, wilson's at the far post but the linesmans flag is up, offside! and at any rate wilson's handled it, goal wont count.

...wait what's this, the referee is discussing with linesman, surely a formality, linesman correctly flagged for offside not to mention the handball, but wait, the referee has overruled the linesman and allowed the goal! he's got it completely wrong there, he's done a madley!

You really have to be sure if you are going to overrule your linesman, can't see why he's made that call, from a far inferior position than the linesman too, he's missed both the offside and handball, what a disaster!
by Artoni December 29, 2017
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