adj-PD aka Pantie-dropper, the man (or lady) that can walk into a room and the panties come off
by 303-3 November 15, 2010
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One who enjoys popcorn, has long hair, often sleeps in, drinks lots of soda, loves dogs, and is very easy going.

AKA anyone who smokes reefer more then they brush their teeth
That ain' no Searxy fag! thats a PD!
by >PD November 06, 2003
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Panty Domination

Dominating, conquering, and/or devouring any girl between the ages of 16 and 18.
Yo did you hear about Shel? What's up with him joining PD?

Damn that girl got PD'd

by Minami February 08, 2008
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Perfect Dark. Great fps stretching the limits of the N64.
Who's up for some pd?
by George November 03, 2004
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Purple Dildo... Some times a nick name or just what they call a Purple Dildo
(15:32:05) <+Jenny> I prefer my purple dildo. (PD)
by Mustangred1 November 17, 2009
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In Mauritian language a 'Pd' is a person who is considered to be gay or homo which comes fro the word 'pedal'.

My neighbor is gay- mo voizin pd.
Eta pd cot to p ale donne to fess?
by Kris20 December 13, 2010
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