Is the town in Chicago suburbs that has everything you need to never leave. Where new buildings are always going up. Where we are all spoiled bitches and wanna-be-gangstas. But that is just some of us. St. Charles North and East high schools are the big rivals. The good old Charlestowne Mall where we all grew up at one point (where we went on a first date in middle school) AND just because you come from this hott town it doesnt mean you are spoiled rotten by daddy. Watch out Chicago you got some competition!
St. Charles North and East High Schools are full of designer purses and future abercrombie models.Thats what St. Charles is. Dont worry we all arent self absorbed. St. Charles
by Maddie Ray February 16, 2007
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(n)A small but pleasant town in Michigan. The people are noted for their excellent grammar; Residents are often referred to (by lesser creatures from dirtier cities) as river rats.

The woods outside of St. Charles are beautiful this time of year.
by bestmomever July 14, 2008
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A western suburb of Chicago where you grow up at Baker Square. We are part of the tri-cities, Batavia and Geneva. the kids run the streets, and the 'rents pay the bills. We run this town.
St. charles, where the ladies rock, and the fellas flock
by AiNtNoThInG September 29, 2005
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“We got beer, cowboy boots, trucks, and Ms. Selness here in St. Charles mn!”
by Froog January 1, 2018
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Adequate size suburb with mostly white middle-class people. If you live in the county and meet someone new your 1st question to ask/answer is "What high school did you go to?". Your answer will speak volumes because that is how you'll be judged.

Odd mix of people who think they live in St. Louis, therefore acting ghetto as hell, and people who think they're from the country, therefore acting liks hicks. Nobody lives on a farm, but you might own land a while away. Nobody lives in the ghetto, but SCHS is sketch.

Small enough to call it a town because chances are wherever you go you can run into someone you know. Big enough to call it a suburb if you want to associate with STL. It takes 4 exits along hwy 70 to pass through.

Majority of HS grads go to SCC. A good amount will go to a state school. A few enlist. A lot go to Lewis and Clark. But we all have one thing in common: HS was pathetic and did not prepare you for college.
Most people have their license and a job at 16 years old. The only thing to do is a football or basketball game on Friday night. Maybe people will gather in a basement a drink some beer while their parents are upstairs.
Awkwardly located north enough to like hockey but south enough to say "y'all". Hunting season is just as big as baseball season. Girls wear carhartts for no reason.

Home of the words hoosier, skeet, and hella. Everyone has gone on a float trip, been to el maguey, lyons, fritz's, plays washers, and had a bonfire and CFM slushie.
Scenario A:
Person A: Where are you from?
Person B: St. Louis
Person A: What part?
Person B: Well, a suburb west of STL, St. Charles...
Person A: Oh what's in St. Charles, Missouri?
Person B: ...

Scenario B:
Person A: Oh where you from?
Person B: St. Charles, Missouri
Person A: What high school did you go to?!
Person B: (Next answer is crucial because it says so much about you) Duchesne
... *crickets*...
by WestWarrior June 6, 2011
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St. Charles Michigan is a small town where there is not shit to do so teens just drink. A lot. At any given time half the towns teenage population has MIPs and the other half is drunk.
St. Charles, Michigan in one sentence:

I just popped a Molly
by Jallen2004 September 22, 2017
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st charles gyal is the most loyal, beautiful and best type of gyal you could ever have
bill- you know i dating a st charles gyal

micah- wow! best gyal to have
by currymucher69 January 21, 2023
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