One of the largest Paintball forums on the net.
Yo did you see that thread on PBN?
by JCass August 14, 2004
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The largest paintball forum on the net, I also believe it's the 15th largest forum in the world.

The forum frequently has more than 2,000 members online, and it's current record is 4,078. Most of the sections of PBN are full of good information, especially if you read the stickies. Normally, if you have a question in almost any forum, your question has already been answered in the stickies. Stay out of Small Talk, and you'll be able to appreciate the forum. However, if you do want to post non-paintball posts with dignity, wait a year so you can post in Old School Small Talk(OSST). PBN used to accept any amount of money for donation, and you would be allowed to search if you donated $12 or more. Now, they have something called Annual Supporting Membership. If you donate $30, or $17.95(if you were a current supporting member) every year, you will be a 2 year, 3 year, and so on ASM. The benefits are:

Private Members Only forum
No more 45 second rule
Larger avatars
10MB of file attachments
More Private Messages
Two free Gold Ups
Five free B/S/T Trusts**
24/7 searching
One-time Unban

I personally enjoy the B/S/T forums the most, as they recieve a ridiculous amount of attention, namely the electronic gun section and Miscellaneous Equipment section. However, if you do use the B/S/T forums, read one of the stickies in the theft forum on how to avoid being scammed. Most of the sellers are honest, but you do see a few bad apples.

The rules on PBnation are very easy to follow, unless you like to make racist jokes or post pornography. Don't do that, and you'll probably be fine. Also, please learn proper English before you decide to register with PBnation. The moderators and administrators on PBN are very easy to deal with, and generally respond quickly when you report a bad post. However, some of the members they have to deal with are pretty much the scum of the earth, and those members are plentiful. So you have to be patient when you ask them a question.

That's about all for now, maybe I'll add more information later.
I visited PBnation because I found deer gore by searching Google.

I ventured into Small Talk once, and it was pretty horrible.

I actually believe that upping my thread constantly in the Talk to Mods/Admins of PBnation will make them respond more urgently to my question.
by toolbandfan August 23, 2006
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A web site where, on any given evening, one may find approximately 500 paintball enthusiasts discussing the sport, and 1500 teenagers calling each other gay.

Originally posted by **PbNation User**
"I got a boner at church, going up to get the host at Catholic Mass. I guess there's just something about Mary "

Teenage Flaming
Originally posted by **PbNation User**
"ur a pecker head u just know that hes right tard. and your re fagota."

Originally posted by **PbNation User**
and ur the retard ur talking about hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahah watch ur back viet congs are coming to get you!

Originally posted by **PbNation User**
"yea well thats not what ur mom said last nite, she really said yea ****** you really no how to make a fatty scream"
by CoreyGill June 19, 2006
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Pbnation a great website to learn about paintball then use your knowledge to scam people.
Bill:Who wants dinner tonite? Outback ok with everyone?
Pete:I don't really have the money...
Bill:Its ok I scammed people on PBNATION for $200 yesterday.
by darknessconsumes March 16, 2008
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A forum where users act like a complete asshole to you just because your new. They judge you by how many post you have made and what your threads you have made. Once a "respected" user acts like an asshole to you EVERYONE acts like an asshole to you. Besides most of the users and mods have an IQ of a 7 year old who does nothing but sniffs gas and drinks paint.
new user: Hey guyz whats up?

respected user: OMG! Its spelled "guys" not "guyz" dumass bitch!!!

new user: Oh and "dumass" is how you spell "dumbass"?

user: Hey stfu n00b hes respested unlike u bitch.

new user: Oh god, another asshole.


*new user banned*

That's exactly how pbnation users act....
by BL1NX August 05, 2007
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a website made of win, you can find some really useful information on everything paintball here. largest paintball forum on the net, 15th largest forum of any kind.

has many forums, the largest of which being
Small talk.

small talk- the most win of all the forums on PbN. every thread delivers (usually) and ST has actually had a big influence on internet culture (large "caturday" thread, rick roll, etc.) half the people on ST aren't even paintballers and that just goes to show how amazing ST is that it entices people of all sorts. usually any fag who bashes ST is a bitchass and probably can't take being called gay by some other person over the internet because their post failed epically.
ex 1-"dude saw you posted on PbNation yesterday"

"yeah, my Ion's been chopping balls alot for some reason lately, my questions were answered so quickly! turns out my only problem was that i just suck at paintball"

ex 2- "I posted a thread on PbNation in ST yesterday and these kids asked 'who the **** are you?' and called me gay"

"oh, thats probably cuz your whole life is fail."
by coolio345 July 10, 2008
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