A hip-hop collective group, formed by Ski Mask The Slump God and deceased rapper XXXTENTACION in 2014 after the two met in juvie. At the time of this post, the hip-hop collective consists of 23 alive members, 6 of them being part-producers (Bass Santana, prxz, Killstation, DJ Scheme, IceCat and Kanohan). Of course, not to be confused with the clothing line from 1980s, or the derogatory term for a homosexual. Their albums consist of 4 Volumes, the most recent one charting at No. 2 on iTunes (US).
Person 1: "You heard that new Members Only shit?"
Person 2: "Volume 4?"
Person 1: "Yeah, nigga!"
Person 2: "Of course, my favorite shit off it are 'Hi Wendy!', 'MEMBERS ONLY!' and 'Pick Your Poison'
Person 3: "Nigga there's 24 tracks on there, geez!"
by bluii February 8, 2019
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A clothing company that made jackets back in the 1980s. They were popular to wear and simply said "Members Only" on them. Wierd, but it was the 80s...
Cool Members Only jacket dude. Let's go listen to Devo.
by ... October 31, 2004
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When a bar/party/scene is inundated with males, much to the chagrin of bachelors looking to meet single women. Referred to as such because seemingly every person in attendance has a "member" a.k.a. a penis.

See also: sausage fest, weenie roast, swordfish fry, etc.

Guy 1: Let's go to the party at Steve's house tonight.
Guy 2: Hell no! It's always Members Only at his parties. I actually want to get laid. Let's go to the club instead.
by Poor Woobie March 12, 2008
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Members Only is an American hip hop collective formed in Broward County, Florida in 2014. It is closely associated with Very Rare and members of both collectives call themselves VR All-Stars.
Yo my favorite Members Only Album is Definetly Volume 2.
by Creampieyoursister December 13, 2018
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a gay man. gay because he happens the only like male members. members as in penis'.
Brett is a "members only" type of guy. He doesn't like vagina.
by friedchicken666 October 11, 2010
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The lower abdominal muscles of an out-of-shape or overweight person, or any standard, regular beer drinker. Described as an inverted arch protruding from the gut of a shirtless yokel. Standard issue for most plus size models.
ant.: Abercrombie "V"
Ex. Pokechop is the poster child for the Members Only "U" and damn proud of it.

"Sure, I model! When you weigh two hunskies and a half, Members Only is all over you..... literally"
by Dr. Snoball November 26, 2003
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This is widely used when a member in a discord server speaks, meaning that they don't matter because they are members.
Member: hewo
Everyone: shut the up ur only member
by TheKoolerCanadian April 7, 2021
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