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The largest paintball forum on the net, I also believe it's the 15th largest forum in the world.

The forum frequently has more than 2,000 members online, and it's current record is 4,078. Most of the sections of PBN are full of good information, especially if you read the stickies. Normally, if you have a question in almost any forum, your question has already been answered in the stickies. Stay out of Small Talk, and you'll be able to appreciate the forum. However, if you do want to post non-paintball posts with dignity, wait a year so you can post in Old School Small Talk(OSST). PBN used to accept any amount of money for donation, and you would be allowed to search if you donated $12 or more. Now, they have something called Annual Supporting Membership. If you donate $30, or $17.95(if you were a current supporting member) every year, you will be a 2 year, 3 year, and so on ASM. The benefits are:

Private Members Only forum
No more 45 second rule
Larger avatars
10MB of file attachments
More Private Messages
Two free Gold Ups
Five free B/S/T Trusts**
24/7 searching
One-time Unban

I personally enjoy the B/S/T forums the most, as they recieve a ridiculous amount of attention, namely the electronic gun section and Miscellaneous Equipment section. However, if you do use the B/S/T forums, read one of the stickies in the theft forum on how to avoid being scammed. Most of the sellers are honest, but you do see a few bad apples.

The rules on PBnation are very easy to follow, unless you like to make racist jokes or post pornography. Don't do that, and you'll probably be fine. Also, please learn proper English before you decide to register with PBnation. The moderators and administrators on PBN are very easy to deal with, and generally respond quickly when you report a bad post. However, some of the members they have to deal with are pretty much the scum of the earth, and those members are plentiful. So you have to be patient when you ask them a question.

That's about all for now, maybe I'll add more information later.
I visited PBnation because I found deer gore by searching Google.

I ventured into Small Talk once, and it was pretty horrible.

I actually believe that upping my thread constantly in the Talk to Mods/Admins of PBnation will make them respond more urgently to my question.
by toolbandfan August 23, 2006
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A paintball website, that is mainly concentrated on paintball product reviews. The forums do not have as many posters as another paintball site, which can be seen as both good and bad. The rules are a bit more strict in certain aspects, language especially. Idiots don't generally last on the site, and a member is not allowed to make another account on PBR, unlike PBN. The reviews are generally accurate when many are posted, and if the review is biased or spam, a member is allowed to report the review as offensive. The website administrator is Andrew. You won't get much attention in most of the B/S/T forums, however, your thread will stay at the top much longer than at PBN. Otherwise, I don't have much else to say. I suppose one of the benefits of PBreview as opposed to PBN is Off Topic is generally better than the regular Small Talk at PBN. I usually don't see "Buttsechs?" and "fleshlight?" and "omgwtfbbq?" or other nonsense posted. It has a spinoff called SBreview, based on snowboard reviews. I don't think the site gets much attention though.
I went to PBreview to read a review about the Ion.

PBreview banned my account! All I did was act like a complete moron!

Red Haze was a funny member of PBR, although slightly disturbing.

People believed I was a woman for a short while on PBreview.
by toolbandfan August 23, 2006
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