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A web site where, on any given evening, one may find approximately 500 paintball enthusiasts discussing the sport, and 1500 teenagers calling each other gay.

Originally posted by **PbNation User**
"I got a boner at church, going up to get the host at Catholic Mass. I guess there's just something about Mary "

Teenage Flaming
Originally posted by **PbNation User**
"ur a pecker head u just know that hes right tard. and your a.......re re fagota."

Originally posted by **PbNation User**
and ur the retard ur talking about hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahah watch ur back viet congs are coming to get you!

Originally posted by **PbNation User**
"yea well thats not what ur mom said last nite, she really said yea ****** you really no how to make a fatty scream"
by CoreyGill June 19, 2006
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When one use's time to his advantage and waits for the perfect time to reply in a group text.
Me: witty comeback
Weezy: Why you always just situationally reply...it's bulls**t bro!
by CoreyGill January 10, 2015
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