The term that antique appraisers and collectors use to describe wordrust/word or age on an old object to try to increase its value.
"My 85 Oldsmobile Cutlass Brougham has a very nice patina on it."
"No! Don't buff out the patina on my Grandma's chastity belt you idiot!"
by meetoo September 6, 2003
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These days is it just a pretentious euphemism for "rust", used by people trying to impress others with the originality of their crappy vehicle. Previously used by antique dealers and art historians to describe things like 200 year old furniture or paintings, but now used by Joe Blow to describe a rusted '73 Oldsmobile.
"I blame American Pickers for popularizing the use of the word "patina" to describe someone's rusted, dented and faded old vehicle".
by TheOriginalScoobydubious February 10, 2015
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Verb. To throw a load of feces in a sleeping person's face. Preferably while filming for distribution on youtube. Similar to antique.
Alex got drunk and passed out last night, so we patina'ed him and posted the video for the world to see.
by Joie de Vivre February 23, 2008
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verb: the act of throwing a load of scat in the face of an unsuspecting victim while asleep or passed out, preferably videotaped for distribution on the internet. Similar to antiquing.
Dude, Jojo is totalled passed out, let's antique him!

I'm actually feeling a little bit adventurous, let's go with the patina tonight. Go grab the camcorder.
by gogo gadget penis February 23, 2008
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When one experiences a pressure build up in a glass tube when making BHO causing the contents to spray all over one's face and body. The green flour like effect resembles a patina.
Damn it I've been patinaed!!! How will I make my BHO and why does everything smell green??
by WESTmanBHO July 31, 2011
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the dirty look that homeless people acquire over time, generally a mix of urine, spilled beer, shelter soup, general filth, and who knows what else.
Have you been working on your tan or did you pick up a shelter patina during Lollapalooza?! It takes time and a genuine devotion to develop a true shelter patina. You can't fake the shelter patina.
by blourtney13 August 3, 2010
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The fine rust located on bathroom urinals. A result of the semi-acidic nature of urine and poor aim. Common in run down gas or service stations.
"Man that was a nasty piss patina at Quick Trip."
by SaintSAW December 27, 2010
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