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friends + breakfast + lunch.
every Sunday we have frunch. We cook tons of food, sometimes we have a theme like CHICKEN AND WAFFLES, or a different host, but we always Always ALWAYS have way too much champagne in our mimosas. We saber the tops off of the champagne and we have the best Sunday ever every single Sunday.
by blourtney13 August 01, 2010
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exposure of a cat's anus (shitty, like the band) generally exposed during a petting session when he turns his butt toward your face and raises his tail. It is not a good experience, but you figure the cat must be ignorant of how awful it is, because no creature would willingly torture someone in that way (shitty, like the band)

also his butt is round (like a nickel!) and on his backside..
You: "Goddammit the cat is nickelbacking me again"
Me: "Well at least it's not quite as shitty as the band"
by blourtney13 April 01, 2010
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the dirty look that homeless people acquire over time, generally a mix of urine, spilled beer, shelter soup, general filth, and who knows what else.
Have you been working on your tan or did you pick up a shelter patina during Lollapalooza?! It takes time and a genuine devotion to develop a true shelter patina. You can't fake the shelter patina.
by blourtney13 August 02, 2010
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