Eddie smashed his patella into little peices, which then cut the skin around his knee to shreads.
by wowieeee January 7, 2005
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The patella is anterior on the knee, while the popliteal is the posterior of the knee.
by Hellodextermorgan May 7, 2011
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Code for knee grow, with patella substituted for knee and expand substituted for grow. It is a subtle way of saying negro or to otherwise refer to an African American in a coded way.
Cori: "Who am I looking for?"

Craig: "He's right there."

Cori: "Who? Which person?"

Craig: "The . . . uh . . . patella expand."

Cori: "Oh, I see; he is right there . . . "
by PMax February 12, 2008
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A man who has a wild obsession and/or fetish with the area of the body known as a kneecap (patella).
“You see the way Hermes’ eyes kept glancing down at my knees Cheryl?” “Yeah Nance, I think he’s a patella fella.”
by tobedetermined February 9, 2019
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1. noun

slang for a black knee-cap

2. verb

when a black person knees you
Do you have a nutella patella?

You just got nutella patellaed.
by Dehorned Narwhal December 19, 2011
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a bone of the knee joint that sits upon the condyles of the femur and the tibia
This litlle bone upon your knee is your patella
by saotomérose November 22, 2021
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Danny Patella is a boy from middle village who goes to ps49. He always takes pictures in the bathroom with his friends and sometimes lifts his shirt up like a fboy. Danny gets most ladies due to his nude pictures. This is Danny Patella
Omg do u see that boy Danny Patella he just posted a body pic
by Marco Piazza January 6, 2018
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