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Cori is a person who will always be there for you she will not hurt anyone's feelings she will try her best to help anyone in need. She may be considered pretty,gorgeous,flawless,beautiful, or even hot to most but on the inside she will always look in the mirror and resent herself. Cori is very insecure about every little detail about her body but we all know that there is always a Cori there for us when we need them the most
Girl 1:I need someone there for me

1 millisecond later
Cori:what's wrong I'm here for you
by Dyoxtoxph February 20, 2017
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Looks like its thumb day again for Jimmy with his usual routing... 3 sets of 5 snapchat selfies and 10 sets of scrolling through facebook until exhaustion
by Gary br April 02, 2017
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definite beautiful person, selfless, but also a bit moody. Cori is a warrior goddess
by boondocker 6520 May 07, 2010
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A sexy beast with lovely vuluptuous breasts who might sit next to you in french and who you always have a crush on
boy 1: damn i want a cori to sit with me in madame pence's class!

boy2: if only!

by Julian SIlverman December 08, 2005
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Cori is an amazing beautiful person who will help when it is needed,give you info( because she knows everything) and is the best big sister!!!!!
Person 1: I wish I had a big sister like yours
Person 2: ya Cori is awsome
by CocoaLova/Big sis March 22, 2017
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a girls version of the boys name corey
only a shortened version of corinne if you are of german descent
The cutest name in the whole world
by fruitsnackz October 08, 2004
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awesome, cool, sexy da name says it all :D
cori is awesome and very sexy
by hhhhmmm March 03, 2005
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