a suburban area in queens, new york in which white kids for some reason think they are black. you can find a group of these either at juniper, at atlas, or maybe even PHILLIES(who the fuck goes there?). and most dont return home from olh cuz theyre not little middle skool kiddies. basically it can be a pretty okay place as long as you know enough normal people.
Girl: heyy like omg lets go hang out by middle village
Guy: yahh bitch yahh lets go chill in the fuckin park iight
by MrPerez September 10, 2008
a town in the middle of queens , by which the population consists of guidos and white kids who try to act "gangster".many people try to earn " street cred" by calling middle village "murdaville" .all the teens are either sluts or pimps. they hang out in a PARK or at phillies....(real gangster ..huh). many of the parents paied for their children to graduate from one of the most retarted schools ever olh. so basically...middle village is a shit hole with a touch of howard beach wannabees.
" yo homie , why all these kids be trying to act gangsta??"
" its middle village son."
by liberty kids July 28, 2006
a neighborhood where black guys pretend to be in "gangs" and try to press you at juni while they have their whole mvbike life trailing behind them and when guys try to finger girls at regas movies at atlas. But honestly, middle village is better then Whitson or bayside and Douglaston shit because those are just snobs and white rich bitches that don't have friends or a life so middle village is the best your gonna get in queens. But we honestly have the best people who know how to work and don't have everything given to them by their parents but those kids throwing crip signs at the park...we dont accept them, but mv kids def had a good childhood especially if you went to hope.
gianna-" where do you guys live"
nick-"middle village"
gianna-"ew everyone is mad gay there and thinks they are in hardcore gangs when they are 15"
nick-"well atleast im not from whitestone"
by C44444 May 12, 2020
a town that has white people trying to act black at juniper park. slowly, black kids are entering. you will most likely get jumped by gangs. little middle school kids smoke shit at the track and the hockey rink because they think they're cool. they ride their little tricycles and call themselves bike life. they wheelie with their training wheels and post all over the gram. olh and margaret's are shitty schools that are so called "good" but the kids are all depressed because their teachers suck. don't buy a house and start a family in middle village or "mv" or "murderville"
hey let's go hang in middle village

yaa bro let's go to juni and wheelie!!1!1!1!1
by natalie posjsowa April 14, 2017
A town so nice they never named it twice. No middle village is a shit bag full of gangsters and guidos , But slowly but steady becoming skinny jean skater fags . The main group going around is Our lady of hope (OLH). Apparently there the smartest school in the diocese. But most of them think its cool to hold switch blades in their backpacks and act gay. They hang out in Phillies where their amazing chefs don't wash their hands and pick they noses. They go to atlas to look like a cool roaming gang. They go to the park to meet their bitches & hoes and think its cool to fuck around with random people. Also St.Margrets is also running around acting black. Then we have high school kids from christ the king who smoke outside of 7-11 to look mad gangster. This gangster phases last from the ages of 9 - 18.
Mad gangster Smoking Wannabe badass Middle Village
by WTFWASTHAT!? May 12, 2009
A neighborhood in the borough of Queens, NY. Yeah, it has annoying punk kids but at least they have personalities and some kind of balls compared to puss* LI kids. Of course the dumb guidos and loud mouth guido bitch*s that think they are so tough as they borrow mommy and daddy's car and cash can be a hassle but entertaining at the same time.

It is diverse and a nice community once you get past that and has the best park in Queens with the nicest view of NYC.
Typical Guido bitc* from Middle Village: I'm an Italian princess!!! I got my tan acrylic nails glued on and now I need to get my blonde highlights over my black hair for the summer.

Typical Guido: yeah yeah.
by Queens4Ever! June 14, 2012