1. Basically Potomac except with eight times as many restaurants, three times as many crazy soccer moms, half the number of polo shirts and a shorter commute into DC.
2. City in which walking in any direction for fifteen minutes will inevitably lead you to a Starbucks.
3. Suburbia trying to be urban.
4. Place in which it is extremely dangerous to be a small property, business or house because you are statistically certain to eventually be bought by a rich developer, torn down, built up ten stories high and be sold at ten times your original price.
5. The weekend haunt of slutty-looking pre-teens wearing short skirts or trying to skateboard.
6. Where you will never find a parking space ever, and if you do it won't matter because the restaurant will have a three hour wait anyways.
7. Somewhere deceivingly entertaining, since the only real thing to do is eat or visit Barnes&Noble.
8. A limiting factor when it comes to getting into college, since everyone around you is an overachieving freak who does three sports, is in theatre, edits the yearbook, and is on SGA.
Person from Bethesda: Hi, I'm from Bethesda.
Person Not from Bethesda: Hi, you must be a rich snobby fuck.
PFB: Well yeah kind of, but at least I'm not from Potomac where it's illegal to wear clothes that cost less than $500 per square inch of fabric.
PNFB: Fair point. Wanna go spend an absurd amount of money on movie tickets?
PFB: Sure, but only if we go to the Row since UA/Lowes is sure to be overpopulated by 10-year-old hookers.
PNFB: Good call.
by Jelled February 28, 2005
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A suburban area in Montgomery County (MoCo) Maryland that is filled with restaurants, houses, four large public high schools to accommodate overpopulation, and expensive cars. People from outside Bethesda usually consider it to be a disgustingly homogenous and rich area. Similar and directly next to Potomac.
x: lets check out haagen-dazs in bethesda.
y: fuck, a scoop of ice cream is over three dollars?
by the resident March 15, 2004
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A suburban town where on the sidewalks you see rich white jews in real polos listening to rap on there ipods.

maya- much thanks
Person from DC: wanna go to California tortilla?
Person from Bethesda: Where?
DC:California tortilla.
DC:cal tor
Bethesda: OHHHHH
by Hillary w/ help from maya January 22, 2005
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Suburban town in MOCO where adults make almost as much money as those in near-by Potomac. The prep population is massive and ranges from 13 year old hookers to 17 year old ex-football players that suck at lacrosse. Very similar to Potomac, although there is a smaller population of Asians and even a tiny population of down-to-earth punks who enjoy scaring their prep classmates, fighting the man, and tagging benches in the multi-million dollar public parks. Even with all their money, all kids end up doing is going to the Montgomery Aquatic Center (because swimming outside, besides in the pool in your backyard is just unsanitary, and anyway, you might bump into some wangsters at a public pool in Rockville) and skateboarding badly up and down Wisconsin Avenue going to Mongolian BBQ for 10 minutes at a time and only eating half a plate. Most kids live less than 15 blocks away from Whitman High, but instead decide to A) Nag their parents to buy them a car worth at least $15,000 B) Go to Landon or Georgetown Prep and tell all your friends you're doing a girl at Holy Cross or finally C) Vice versa.
Bethesda kid #1: Yesterday I saw these emo kids hanging out in the park I was driving past in my new Mercedes.

Bethesda kid #2: EEEWWW you saw emo kids??

Bethesda Kid #3: Did you throw anything at them?

Bethesda Kid #1: I would have, but I didn't wanna get outta my car and get my new Lacoste all polleny.

(silence while checking voicemail on their new sidekicks)

Bethesda kid #2: HEY-let's go to Monogolian BBQ!

by Jeremy Vicious September 12, 2006
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Bethesda (or Chevy Chace) is a nice city nestled between DC and its neighbor the west, Potomac. Fairly aflluent, with many nice older homes and expensive condos. Aside from Potomac, Bethesda is where the rich and affluent of the DC metropolitain area live. If your lucky enough to have been born into Bethesda, you envy only one person: he who lives in Potomac; this isnt so bad though, I mean so does everyone else, right?
Person from Bethesda: Im so pissed, i wrecked my bimmer and I cant drive it for two weeks while its in the shop.

Person from Potomac: Psshhh that sucks, when i wrecked my maserati my parents flipped for a ferrari.

Person from (Insert your town here): Fuck you guys...
by wish u were me March 2, 2006
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A city in Maryland, in the county of Montgomery.

Widely known for it's many restaurants and its relaxing, friendly environment.

my 360 is broken and im really bored. i sent it in to repairs about a week ago because it had the red ring of death. how long does it take for them to send me a repaired/refurbished xbox? my parents left today and are out of town and i have nothing to do. for example, today (a 2-hour delay), i had nothing to do when i got home. i was so bored that i watched dr. phil. then i called my friend and i was willing to PAY him to let me borrow his 360. also, the nuggets lost. what a terrible day

bethesda, in reality, is REALLY boring. NOBODY goes out and eats besides studs. all their is to do is play games and study. school is also really boring in this city and very competitive so you shouldn't move here if you're looking for a good education. additionally, bethesda is so large in size that you can't drive or walk out of it. basically you're stuck. wow this place sucks. hopefully i get my 360 soon tho .
Kid 1: Wow there's seriously NOTHING to do here.
Kid 2: Let's just play NBA 2k8.
Kid 1: My 360 broke.
Kid 2: My god bethesda sucks...

James: Let's do something tonight dude.
Henry: I can't, I've been stuck in traffic for the past hour and it doesn't look like it's dying down.
James: Wow...bethesda SUCKS.

Emily: im so drunk
Joe: same
Emily: i g2g study l8r
Joe: bethesda CANT get any worse.
by hop hop hop February 14, 2008
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