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1. Basically Potomac except with eight times as many restaurants, three times as many crazy soccer moms, half the number of polo shirts and a shorter commute into DC.
2. City in which walking in any direction for fifteen minutes will inevitably lead you to a Starbucks.
3. Suburbia trying to be urban.
4. Place in which it is extremely dangerous to be a small property, business or house because you are statistically certain to eventually be bought by a rich developer, torn down, built up ten stories high and be sold at ten times your original price.
5. The weekend haunt of slutty-looking pre-teens wearing short skirts or trying to skateboard.
6. Where you will never find a parking space ever, and if you do it won't matter because the restaurant will have a three hour wait anyways.
7. Somewhere deceivingly entertaining, since the only real thing to do is eat or visit Barnes&Noble.
8. A limiting factor when it comes to getting into college, since everyone around you is an overachieving freak who does three sports, is in theatre, edits the yearbook, and is on SGA.
Person from Bethesda: Hi, I'm from Bethesda.
Person Not from Bethesda: Hi, you must be a rich snobby fuck.
PFB: Well yeah kind of, but at least I'm not from Potomac where it's illegal to wear clothes that cost less than $500 per square inch of fabric.
PNFB: Fair point. Wanna go spend an absurd amount of money on movie tickets?
PFB: Sure, but only if we go to the Row since UA/Lowes is sure to be overpopulated by 10-year-old hookers.
PNFB: Good call.
by Jelled February 28, 2005
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A suburban area in Montgomery County (MoCo) Maryland that is filled with restaurants, houses, four large public high schools to accommodate overpopulation, and expensive cars. People from outside Bethesda usually consider it to be a disgustingly homogenous and rich area. Similar and directly next to Potomac.
x: lets check out haagen-dazs in bethesda.
y: fuck, a scoop of ice cream is over three dollars?
by the resident March 15, 2004
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n. 1. a section of DC suburbia noted for having a filthy rich populace, more restaurants per square mile than most American metropolises, a disturbing number of Porsches crusing the streets, and laughably expensive movie ticket prices. 2. a yuppie epicenter 3. a congregating place for festive snots, most of them either preteens or over 25 4. (Archaic) - the junction between East West Hwy and Wisconsin Ave
--Bethesdaner, n.
--Bethesdaite, n.
--Bethesdesque, adj.
A: Hey, how about we get the group together at your house and then have a night on the town?
B: Dude, I live in Bethesda.
A: Oh yeah. I forgot.
by That Random Hobo November 09, 2004
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The place where the where the high end job holders of the DC metro area go to have their families. With schools of over achieving children and high standards, streets filled with expensive cars, and a commercial standard of high priced quality material goods Bethesda is a yuppie heaven.
(two teenagers from diferent schools in Bethesda)
X - Yeah, we had two go to Harvard, one go to Yale, three to Upenn, six to Cornell...
Y - Wait, only one to Yale?
by dyngleberi October 22, 2004
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A beautiful community just outside of Washington DC, filled with large, expensive homes, fancy restaurants, boutique shops, and expensive cars. It is the best educated city in America - with over 50% of the adult population holding a masters degree or higher. Has a very cosmopolitan and urbane feel.
X: Wow, ten different ethnic restaurants in a row?!
Y: Dude, it's Bethesda
by EasyE April 26, 2005
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A suburban town where on the sidewalks you see rich white jews in real polos listening to rap on there ipods.

maya- much thanks
Person from DC: wanna go to California tortilla?
Person from Bethesda: Where?
DC:California tortilla.
DC:cal tor
Bethesda: OHHHHH
by Hillary w/ help from maya January 22, 2005
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A town in Washington DC suburbia in Montgomery County. Bethesda is unique because of its highly educated population. Montgomery County itself has a gang problem in areas like Silver Spring and Kensington, but its high standards for education are seen in its nicer areas like Bethesda, Potomac, and Rockville. Bethesda is populated mostly by families with high income. A lot but not most of them are filthy rich and are the ones you see living in the really big houses. Children who grow up in Bethesda tend to be ignorant of places that are less fortunate because there isn't much to worry about. This gives them the impression that places like Gaithersburg are ghetto. Kids from Bethesda tend to be generalized as spoiled rich white kids. True most of them are rich but only the spoiled ones are the people who give off this generalization. There is in fact, a very small population of working class families that live in Bethesda. Their kids are the ones that realize how ridiculous everything around them actually is. These same kids are usually the ones made fun of because their down to earth view of things in an over achiever environment. Bethesda is basically a utopia, so kids in Bethesda become bored and start doing drugs. While there doing drugs and are completely unaware that they just got ripped off, they convince them selfs that because they smoke bud and live near DC this somehow makes them hardcore. This is what gives Bethesda a bad rep.
Ignorant Rich kid #1: Dude, this shit soo dank.
Ignorant Rich kid #2: Yeah, I'm fucked up right now. Lets go back to my mansion and brag about how hardcore we are to each other while playing xbox 360 live.

Dealer #1: I aint sellin shit.
Dealer #2: Go to Bethesda. Yesterday i sold two white boys a shitty salad for $80. It wont even get them high.
by The Fountain of Knowledge April 16, 2008
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