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A YouTuber where his/her main content is mostly Minecraft. May or may not be good at making videos. This can be applied to anyone, any age, anywhere in the world. The worst examples are the pre-teen, squeaky-voiced, low talent YouTubers that probably have their microphone sensitivity too high, too low, spends 75% of the video rambling, have voices that are mostly unbearable, and most likely haven't found out about a screen recorder, so they use the worst camera in existence to record.
SkyDoesMinecraft is an example of a successful, mostly liked Minecraft YouTuber, but for every one good Minecraft YouTuber, there are at least a 100 bad ones.
by T0mBoi December 02, 2015

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Another word for dipshit, dumbass, dick, and other derogative terms. Most likely the other person will have never heard of it and probably will start laughing.
Why you got to be such a dick biscuit about it?
by T0mBoi April 24, 2016

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1. A landform located in Southern South America across Chile and Argentina, with the Argentinian side featuring grasslands, deserts, and steppes, and the Chilean side having fjords and temperate rainforests.

2. A clothing company started in the early 70's that is a status symbol among teens, with their pricey clothing, fancy backpacks, and other miscellaneous items.
1. One of the bucket list places to go before I die is to go to Patagonia, it is so beautiful down there.
2. I like Patagonia's clothing, but then I would labeled among the millions of brain dead teenagers. I will go with North Face instead.
by T0mBoi August 07, 2017

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A racing simulation video game that is known for ending Kyle Larson's career.
So, Kyle Larson really did drop the N-Bomb in iRacing, huh?
via giphy
by T0mBoi May 06, 2020

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Donkey Kong's large, abnormal penis.

Phrase originated from Luigi's Ballad- Starbomb.
Donkey Kong, that's a nice Konky Dong you got right there.

I'll kick that Donkey Kong right in his Konky Dong! -Starbomb
by T0mBoi May 22, 2016

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The weird, liquid-y stuff that comes out of a ketchup bottle if you don't shake it.
"You gotta shake dat ketchup bottle, or else ketchup pre-cum will be all over your hot dog."
by T0mBoi June 10, 2015

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