1) A well-known brand of very high quality outdoor gear, especially jackets, backpacks, and tents.

2) A brand-name that has regrettably been appropriated by thugs and yuppies alike as a way of either projecting an image of wealth or interest in rugged activities and the great outdoors.
I was talking to this guy at the trailhead, and noticed that even though his North Face pack had to be a good 15-20 years old and faded from the sun, it wasn't ripped and all the seams were still solid! I hope my Gore-tex jacket lasts that long.
by FunkyBumpkin April 29, 2005
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1) noun: the state of having an unusually voluminous amount of semen on the face similarly to the amount ejaculated by the great Peter North.
"Brittney Spears kept her face warm in the winter with a nice North Face."
by Andonyjorie August 22, 2007
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What you call someone who consistantly acts and talks like they are better than everyone else, but in the end they are not.
Tracy: I am the best at everything I do

Justin: You are not. Stop being a North Face.
by JDUB88 January 22, 2010
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$180 worth of cocaine or other illegal drugs
Charlie Gibbynse: Yo i need some yayo u no where its at?

Ricky Prycewirth: Yea man wat u need?

Charlie Gibbynse: How much is an 8ball?

Ricky Prycewirth: A North Face. U got enough man?

Charlie Gibbynse: Damn, $180 for that shit? Fuck, man. Yea i got that i'll come thru to ur place in like 20. Have that bitch skizzed out wen i get there. Peace.
by wEeDpIlLsBlOw211311420 November 5, 2010
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Insulated jackets for winter sports
Come in all colors but usually black
cost around $300
have numbers on fore arm - Higher the number, more feathers
The jackets have become popular among teenagers because:
1) They are fucking comfy
2)they keep you warm
3)they show you have money
4) CAN show affiliations w/ local crews
"yo, where'd you get that North Face?"
by nicopal April 20, 2008
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A sexually term used for oral sex.
For explain blowjob,head, Eating me out
1.Hey baby, let me get that north face.
2.That bitch looks like she give some mean ass north face.
3.My girl last night gave the meanest north face ever.
by LilWes November 10, 2015
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the status symbol of suburban teens. commonly worn by females with ugg boots and sweat pants. though they claim "it's comfortable" common male side effects include: hyphema, eye herpes, glaucoma, corneal abrasion, and projectile vomiting.
Staci's mom got her a North Face and Ugg boots so she would fit in with her friends and always be a virgin.
by Cooter Punch January 29, 2008
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