someone who opts out of participating in a decision but then complains bitterly about the outcome
Laura went to all the meetings about what to name the new product, but she never raised a single objection, never offered a different name, and even voted to approve the final decision. Now she is acting like a complete passhole, bad-mouthing the process and complaining about the name. Why the hell didn't she speak-up before we made the decision?
by Work Matters February 21, 2010
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A driver who attempts to pass a car going less than 3 mph less than them, and does not speed up to do so, therefore effectively blocking 2 lanes for an unnecessary amount of time. Often an old person.
I wish this passhole would speed so I could pass the semi too.
by Caleb January 08, 2004
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buy the domain for your travel vlog
The people who buy the Fast Passes and are able to cut to the front of the line even though you've been waiting in line for an hour. One usually calls another a passhole when they cut directly in front of you when you were supposed to be next to go on the coaster.
The hell are you doing? Get to the end of the l... Ah, Dammit. You're a goddamned passhole.
by [DAC]Dave July 15, 2005
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the guy who weaves between lanes in slow traffic trying to get ahead of everyone else. Usually winds up pounding the steering wheel and cursing out loud when the lane he switches into slows him down instead.
hey, that grey Honda keeps cutting people off. What a pass hole.
by jordan9070 April 16, 2010
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A compound word for pass and asshole. Some asshole who tailgates you and instead of passing you, he continues to tailgate.
I was doing 10MPH above the speed limit, and some passhole tailgated me, then yelled out his window, "move it!" then he honked, then he passed me.
by Möuntain Mike September 30, 2015
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When a driver is behind you and they go past you to get in front of you just to slam on their brakes and immediately turn when they should have just stayed behind you and made the turn
Dude: That guy just passed you to turn in front of you wtf
Bro: I know hes being a passhole he should of just stayed behind me to turn
by Megatron1764 September 05, 2016
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Someone who owns an annual pass to a popular theme park and basically live there. An even worse subcategory are those who have a FAST pass which enables them to skip the lines. They will often proudly display their passes on a lanyard to remind you of their higher status.
There were so many passholes today that the fast lanes were longer than regular ones!
note: passholes have an undying love for their theme park (such as Disneyland) and will defend it 'til the end
by Yakeezus June 04, 2015
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