A person who doesn't pass you in a timely fashion on the interstate, or comes up on you like they're going to pass you, but is inconsistent in their speed so that you can't get around other traffic.
I was about to pass this semi truck but I was blocked in the left lane by a very persistent passhole that caused me to put on my brakes.
by Mr_Shifty February 16, 2018
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n. \ˈpas-ˌ(h)ōl\ a motor-vehicle operator with a hair and/or other irritable object in their rectum, who will take any conceivable risk to themselves, other motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, or free-roaming animals in order to gain a car's length before stopping at the next red light.

n. \ˈpas-ˌ(h)ōl\ a motor-vehicle operator who speeds up when they realize they are about to be passed.

n. \ˈpas-ˌ(h)ōl\ a motor-vehicle operator who drifts aimlessly into the passing lane, but who lacks the ability, will, or common sense to apply pressure to the gas pedal, thereby causing motorists behind them to click out of cruise control, pwning their driving buzz.
"Take a number like the rest of us, passhole!"

"Sorry. Did i wake you up, passhole!?"

"Take your time, sweet-heart. Eeeeeaaaasy does it. Passhole."
by citizenVern November 24, 2009
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Two cars driving side-by-side at the same speed when there are only two lanes going in one direction on the highway, preventing anyone else from passing.
"I was stuck behind a couple of passholes for a good 10 minutes out on highway 99"
by Benny Bluman January 27, 2009
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A passhole is someone who passes you (while you're going a reasonable speed) just so they can drive faster.
"That person just passed me while I'm going 60 in a 55! What a passhole!"
by Vancarrie April 10, 2009
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A driver that rides your ass late at night on a dark twisty country road flashing their lights and honking. Once you reach a two lane road, the passhole will not pass you right away, choosing instead to hold their horn and flash their lights behind you as you drive 5 miles over the speed limit concentrating on not dying. The passhole will then often turn on their brights and pass you slowly, making sure that the glory of their redneck hi-beams used to find deer or escaped convicts blinds you in both your rear and sideview mirrors.
"God, I wish he would turn off his damn brights and get around me!"

"Yeah, I know, what a passhole!"
by Sarah the Bear April 28, 2007
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Someone who passes you and then goes really slow.
DRIVER: Go the speed limit! Why did you pass me just to go so slow? Passhole!

PASSENGER: I don't think he can hear you.
by Carroll Shelby March 04, 2009
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A contraction of passenger and asshole.

An innate condition overcoming anyone sitting in the passenger seat. Condition consists of passenger making unhelpful suggestions to the driver using a condescending and self righteous tone. Most often noticed in couples.
Passenger: "Are you trying to scare me, you're going to fast for the conditions..."
Driver: "No, I'm going the speed limit. Stop being a passhole."

Passenger: "Be courteous and give that pedestrian some room."
Driver: "What, he hasn't even started into the crosswalk yet. Quit being a passhole."
by Chateau Shimmy January 17, 2010
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