The idiot drivers that move steadily along, but suddenly increase speed when they wake up and realize you are passing them. If they succeed in blocking your opportunity to pass, they will immediately resume the former, annoying pace. If you pass them successfully, they will ride your bumper for a short time before returning to la-la land.
That's right you F%$&!@# passhole. Suddenly you're in a big F%$&!@# hurry!
by Paul Laibach May 2, 2004
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A driver who solicits road rage, either deliberately or from brainlessness, by remaining in the passing lane exactly adjacent to the vehicle in the lane beside them, thus preventing free flow of traffic.
Our trip had been so enjoyable, and making good time, until we ran into the passhole from Hell.

"Well, we should be there in a couple hours if we don't run into too many passholes along the way!"

road trip + passhole = road rage

"Well officer, as I saw it, could use the median to get around, or bring out my weapon of finite destruction to eliminate the passhole."
by square-not have-not May 19, 2011
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A driver that speeds up just as you are attempting to pass them forcing you to drive even faster or fall back into line behind them.
Did you see that jeep speed up just as I tried to pass him? I barely made it around that passhole before that car came past.
by safety1 November 3, 2009
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An annual passholder at an amusement park that's been to the park so many times that he or she is an ass to the management, often because in many cases they know more about the park than the staff does.
"He keeps correcting the Jungle Cruise operator"
"What a passhole"
by JHanielB January 4, 2012
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A person who remains in the left (passing lane) on the freeway thus forcing all other traffic to pass them on the right.
Rush hour was slower than normal this morning due to one passhole on the freeway.
by billythekid362 April 16, 2009
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The assholes at the other end of the table in a restaurant who don't pass down the appetizers.
Damn it dad you're hogging the bread, what a passhole.
by krstaud April 5, 2015
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A passhole is someone who passes you (while you're going a reasonable speed) just so they can drive faster.
"That person just passed me while I'm going 60 in a 55! What a passhole!"
by Vancarrie April 11, 2009
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