parv is our lord and saviour, the all knowing holy master of all things, the father of all humanity.
all hail daddy parv
by professor pomplestyn June 12, 2017
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parv is the man...and he can do what nobody can
by a fan of parv October 4, 2003
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Parv is a very very dirty boy. He is the ashiest person alive. He really needs to take a shower, but it seems like he is really scared of water. He also looks like Ravi.
omg Parv is so bambo!
by parv_is_very_dirty February 28, 2019
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a really funny person who is always confused and a bit of a grandma!
by funnyperson November 23, 2020
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Parve is the kindest and cutest and most creative person, they're there for a good laugh and telling jokes. They can be your go to person for any type of conversation. A 10/10 to fit any personality or style, they can be the most beautiful person you've ever seen.
Parve is the best.
by cquese December 11, 2021
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Plain, flavorless, boring, unexciting, banal, bland.
To describe a person, food or event.
Q: How was your date the other night?
A: Not great, he was sort of parve.
by Rawed June 3, 2011
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