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When someone gets many objects thrown at them, perhaps some sticking and causing a mess, like so many pieces of paper.
Dude that mob of angry cafeteria workers just papered you with moldy lunch meat.
by Library Mike <3 tub girl March 20, 2005
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Past tense of throwing rolls of toilet paper over a house, tree, yard, car, and other personal property/belongings. Typically conducted by one's team/squad/mates under cover of darkness such as 1 to 3 am.

True friends will sometimes drop by early the next morning to call your attention to the fact you've been papered, laugh about it, deny being the paperer and perhaps even help you pull it down out of the 386 foot oak tree in the front yard.

Is oddly perpetrated against true friends and universally loathed personages. Casual acquaintences are never papered.

Also: Wrapped, streaked (as in 'the roll streaked over the roof')
Between movies we cruised out and papered Dave's house, the best part was when it rained later.

We papered the Sheriff's house last night, that guy is such a tool.

We wrapped the shit outta Rachel's place last night. We even used their hose to wet it all down.
by Fieldgrunt November 29, 2006
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the state of being where you become so over tired, everything seems funny.
other more retarded names are "the late night ha-ha's" or "the sleepy sillies."
yeah, i know it doesnt make any sense, but i came up with it last night, when i was papered.
by Shinigami Dani August 06, 2003
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when there is a person sitting next to you without a computer who randomly throws a found balled up piece of paper and casually lauches it at a red bull can...thus...the red bull can falls to the table. the end.
Your mom just got papered by my paper cock.
by tub girl ass eater March 09, 2005
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"Getting Papered".

When a person who normally holds a measure of power and authority is overridden by a person of greater power and authority by being showed an official piece of documentation which validates the second person's superior authority.
*Guy in a suit walks up to a crime scene*

Police Inspector: "You can't come in here, this area is under police jurisdiction and is off limits".

Guy: *Pulls out an ID card* "Not any more it isn't, this scene is under FBI jurisdiction now"

Police officer:" Hey Carl did you see that? Inspector Ryan just got papered!"
by Nullkid November 08, 2011
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