the act of jacking off with your butt buddy until your dick is red then running at each other full speed and slamming into each other groin first
Billy "dude im so sore from last night, me and my butt buddy did the red bull like seven times"

Charley "thats fucked up bro..."
by yuorintothisnotme October 29, 2010
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Critical Thinkers power drink of choice.
When a critical thinker cracks a Red Bull a McRae boomer loses his wings.
by OGCriticalThinker February 19, 2020
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Popular energy drink sporting the small 8oz blue and chrome tartan cans and the catchphrase 'Red Bull gives you wiiiings!'

Derived from the liquid oxygen fuel of NASA booster rockets.
Frank: "Why is there blood all over the walls?"

Will: "Tommy had too many Red Bulls. He kept running around like a maniac smashing himself into this and that before he finally combusted outside."
by kwashia February 1, 2005
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Chuck Norris' urine.
Chuck Norris recently had the idea to sell his urine as a canned beverage. We know this beverage as Red Bull.
by chuck "fucking" norris December 10, 2005
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Energy drink that is great when mixed with an alcholic beverage. The combonation is guaranteed to get you fucked up!
by cutiepye04 November 2, 2004
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"Look at those engies, they're slamming that red bull down by the carton"
by tea chest February 27, 2006
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