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Past tense of throwing rolls of toilet paper over a house, tree, yard, car, and other personal property/belongings. Typically conducted by one's team/squad/mates under cover of darkness such as 1 to 3 am.

True friends will sometimes drop by early the next morning to call your attention to the fact you've been papered, laugh about it, deny being the paperer and perhaps even help you pull it down out of the 386 foot oak tree in the front yard.

Is oddly perpetrated against true friends and universally loathed personages. Casual acquaintences are never papered.

Also: Wrapped, streaked (as in 'the roll streaked over the roof')
Between movies we cruised out and papered Dave's house, the best part was when it rained later.

We papered the Sheriff's house last night, that guy is such a tool.

We wrapped the shit outta Rachel's place last night. We even used their hose to wet it all down.
by Fieldgrunt November 29, 2006
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1: (v) Slang, the act of drilling a hole in the ground, side of a mountain, or any other edifice using an aircraft. Usually fatal.

2: To crash from a great height
1: Dave was flying to Denver in his Cub when he got lost in the clouds and augered into the Grand Mesa.

"Better check your fuel before the hop. If you auger in I'm not coming to ID your ass."

2: Rick was tearing along a razorback ridge in Moab when he skipped off the face and augered into the canyon below.

"Wear your helmet in case you auger some terrain."
by Fieldgrunt October 19, 2006
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Prosthetic testicles used to adorn the oversized vehicles of those who think very highly of themselves.

They aren't entertaining and they don't make you look cool.
They are contrived and make you look uneducated.
Jeff hung a pair of bumper nuts on his Tacoma.
Jeff's truck only shuttles him to and from work and the grocery store.
He did take it off-road once, and ironically his ground clearance was insufficient to prevent a rock from removing a portion of his oil pan and wrenching the faux balls of his otherwise unused trailer hitch.
by Fieldgrunt March 22, 2007
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The activity that is taking place on the floor directly over your office or cubicle. It sounds suspiciously like orangutans wrestling aligators in a dumpster.

It is still less annoying than some putz failing to turn off the all-page while they shuffle papers and manipulate their stapler.
Office Drone #1: "What the hell is that? Sounds like a train derailing."
Office Drone #2: "Must be the new full-contact accounting system."
by Fieldgrunt January 23, 2007
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Generic reference to absolutely any convenience store, anywhere in the world regardless of local chains' ownership or predominance.

The store may actually be a Circle K, an AM-PM, an Amoco, or an Esso, but to a road-weary traveler facing the 12th of a 32 hour road trip, through an unknown state or municipality, at highway speed, they're universally referred to as "Gas-N-Sip."

The name is derived from the movie "Say Anything," wherein one character questions the mental/emotional superiority of a group of youths who spend all their free time loitering about the parking lot of a nondescript convenience store named Gas-N-Sip.
"Dude, it's gonna be a long haul crossing the Badlands. Better hit the next Gas-N-Sip so we can replenish."
by Fieldgrunt September 26, 2006
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