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a term used to describe someone so ugly, too ugly even to be a paper bag job - their body is their only redeeming factor. to combat that ghastly predicament, the only suitable act is to create a paper mache mask of someone more attractive and stick it on her misshapen, scabby head so that you can make sweet fucklove.
Woman: You like me? Some guys think i'm ugly.

Man: Nah, your just a paper mache job.

Woman: Huh?

Man Nothing. (to bartender) Absinthe please.
by Raaaas May 12, 2008

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a game participated by the lucky few, where two or more people stick their love rockets into one lucky lady at the same time so it takes up all the space available inside the carniverous cave that is, the vagina.
Man: Lets play stuff the muff!

Man 2: Yeah!

Woman: Ok, i suppose you did buy me them chewing gums.
by Raaaas May 13, 2008

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a term of endearment used to describe a girl with a fanny so big, that intercourse resembles throwing a hotdog down a hallway.
Boyfriend: I love you, my cuntius maximus.

Girlfriend: Yeah, great.
by Raaaas May 12, 2008

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someone who likes to engage in intercourse while dressed as stuffed animals.
I met this girl everything was going well until she whipped out a bear costume and told me to hop in. girl was a furophile!
by Raaaas May 10, 2008

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adjective; used to describe the tingling feeling just before a maaaaaaaaaaasive ejaculation a bit like what happens when a girls aloud video comes on TMF.
Person 1: Mate, trust 'Cant speak french' come on the tele and i was feeling tingletastic!

Person 2: Great!
by Raaaas May 12, 2008

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a phrase to be used when you want to describe how you want to violently have sex with an occupant after grappling them to the floor; please note: this occupant should be willing, aint on no rape ting.
Person 1: You like my new girlfriend?

Person 2: She'd probably get a ground and pound.
by Raaaas May 11, 2008

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noun; used in reference to girls who look like they would give a midget head for a biscuit while their english teachers wanks onto her lower back. for added emphasis say in a high pitched voice.
Person 1: Fuck look at that Jodi, what a slag!

Person 2: Grimble!
by Raaaas May 13, 2008

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