a speed relative to the speed of sound Mach number is a ratio of the speed of a body (aircraft) to the speed of sound)
Mach is named after Ernst Mach an Austrian philosopher and physicist.
Mach 1 is about 717mph Mach 2 is twice that. The speed of sound varies due to atmospheric conditions and density of the air.
Most commercial airliners fly below Mach 1
by Snipergod87 May 11, 2006
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(noun) 1. A measurement of sound 2. An expression of approval used commonly by Mrs. Kelly.
As the plane reached Mach 3, Mrs Kelly watched from the ground and exlaimed, "Mach, this haggas is greht!"
by HuFlungPu May 26, 2008
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It is the greatest thing ever,
often it is used as a prefix, followed by the suffix, Hach.
Mach Hach 2011 was Mach'n awsome Hach?????
by Mach Hacher 1 August 17, 2011
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Hip; cool; sleek and captivating, noveau
His dinner jacket sucked, so he hiked up the sleeves of them to reveal a wrist watch that was totally mach.
by Maestro Max February 9, 2005
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One fine supersexy mofo.
That fine supersexy mofo must be Mach!
by Sam Spielberg July 7, 2003
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v. To own completely, derived from the image of an F-18 Fighter Jet overtaking a Cessna. Never spelled with an "e" in the past tense, the e is replaced with an apostrophe.
*F-18 buzzes pedestrians at about 15 feet above the ground, teeth shatter*

Pilot: "MACH'D!!"
by Geoff T. February 22, 2008
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