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A feminine, limp-wristed guy who lacks courage. May or may not be gay, but is usually assumed to be.
"Jimmy swears that he likes chicks, even though he's such an obvious pantywaist."
by Kyle December 06, 2003
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(Noun)-(Pan tee wayst)One who's manlihood is in question. A Sally. A bitch. Of military origin.
Soldier 1:"Hey lets go find some whores!"
Soldier 2: "No thanks my feet hurt, I just want some chow and a bubble bath."
Soldier 1: "You fucking panty waist!"
by Corporal Punishment August 01, 2006
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1) For a small child, undershirt and underpants which button together at the waist.

2) An effeminate man, derogatory.
1) My kid is dressed in a pantywaist, dress and mary-Janes.

2) That wus is an obvious pantywaist.
by Jucko Shmucko January 08, 2004
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