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noun, plural - when a womans breasts look very big and voluptuous in a bra, but with no bra they sag and flatten out
your momma's boobs look nice, but when i got her naked i saw that they were pancakers and left immediately.
by colinpdubbs October 20, 2011
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1. sex move when the guy is doing a girl up the ass and then he pulls out, and noticing shit on his dick, quickly flips the girl over like pancake and shoves it in her mouth!
Yo, this kid pulled a panckaer on laura last night!! hahaha!!
by azeez October 11, 2004
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When a man or woman lives with two people of the opposite sex whom has sexual relations with both, either seperately or a the same time. Usually crack heads or broke ass folks.
Aye man check out those busted pancakers
by willie deathwish March 11, 2008
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