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Main character in the Disney Pixar animation of 'Finding Nemo'(2003). Dory is a Regal Tang (Paracanthurus Hepatus) and can be commonly found in the Indo-pacific. She has the characteristic of extremely short term memory but gradually improves with the help of Marlin, Nemo's father.

One of her famed quotes is "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming".
Dory, no singing.....
by Matthew Robertson August 10, 2007
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When bae makes you feel so special that you have no words to explain yourself.

You would normally say "I can't even rn" or "I can't handle you"

Dory comes from the phrase "I can't handle you" as in "door handle"
Bf: "babe you're my everything, I can't see myself with anyone else but you. I love you"

Gf: " Awww babe! I'm so dory rn"
by Astroboi74 September 16, 2016
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a really sexy girl, usually uesed to describe a girl with brown hair a nice big ass
by keljf September 11, 2003
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(adjective): A shortened version of the word adorable. Meaning cute, good looking, or charming.
Awww look at that baby its super dory!
Damn that chick got a fat ass and a dory face ... she perfect
by The Mizness January 14, 2012
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A character from the movie "Finding Nemo" with an extremely bad short term memory. She is a bright blue angelfish.

Commonly misspelt as dori
Hi, I'm Dory... *3 seconds later* Hi! I'm Dory!
by my_name_is_me June 20, 2006
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(noun) a description of one who posesses qualities of a daft, forgetful, carefree, airy, or dippy quality.
You paid for the food at the drive in window, and then you drive off without picking up what you ordered? That's really smooth, Dory.
by Gabrielle D August 21, 2006
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Dory’s often are the smarter, better looking, and funnier sibling.
Wow she’s an absolutely gorgeous and hilarious person! She must be a Dory.
by Slaytheday246 June 22, 2022
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