To avoid giving any substantial answer to a factual question, by means of cobbling together meaningless platitudes; to attempt to fool the listeners and distract their attention by pandering to their prejudices and using one's charm or attractiveness. Inspired by the distinctive style of Alaska governor and former VP candidate Sarah Palin.
At the press conference several reporters tried to hold the Prime Minister accountable, but he just continued to palinize until they had to give up.
by Sus_Shahor November 12, 2008
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1. To bluster, to speak without saying anything of substance.

2. To flub a television interview.

3. To Randomly repeat talking points regardless of the questions given to you.
Sarah Palinized on the debate last night, saying that she was going to answer the questions she wanted to answer.
by kidgib October 3, 2008
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"Billy Joel and I have rehearsed a little, but you have to consider this more like the vice presidential debate: you have to Palinize your expectations" - Bruce Springsteen
by svsteve October 25, 2008
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As Bruce Springsteen said at a recent concert at which he and Billy Joel performed:

"Billy and I have rehearsed a little, ...
You have to sort of Palinize your expectations. We seem like we know a lot, but we don't, really.' "
by stevesv October 17, 2008
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To reverse one's position in an issue in an attempt to pander. To flip-flop.
He palinized his position on living wills and health care directives. Like Sarah Palin, he was for living wills before he was against them.
by Flaming Libby August 15, 2009
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Spinning any criticism of oneself into persecution.
Rather than accept responsibility for her bad behavior, Sarah would always palinize the situation and portray herself as being a victim of people who didn't like her.
by stoptheplanet January 31, 2011
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