A sexual act so outrageous, it can only be said that after, both partners will be unable to walk for many days after. Myth says it name derives from the sound of two people blustering sped up fifty times.
The girl slapped him in the face and walked right out on Kevin after he asked to bluster.
by sval February 14, 2011
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to be swept off your feel by a significant other
This guy blustered me today with his hotness.
by Mr. Gold April 25, 2007
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the act of talking mad shit about how good a movie will do despite alienating it's core audience like what happened with Ghost Busters 2016
Guy 1: Dude, that bitch was saying the new terminator movie was going to be good.

Guy 2: Just ignore her dude, she's clearly "Ghost Blustering".
by Not the sandvich October 25, 2020
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The most destructive gun in all of existence that always aims for the machinev of the target. It is better than any other existing or non-existing weapon or gun, including itself and other upgraded or improved versions. It is originated by Dr. Insanity, Ph.D BFGs, who believed that this gun could solve all problems and paradoxes, including the paradox that it creates.
"Incoming tank! Quick, use the gun bluster to take out the... what the fuck just happened?"

"You can't stop me from taking my own life, I'm gonna do it with my gun bluster... (time seizes to exist)"
by Dr. Insanity, Ph.D BFGs June 29, 2008
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Someone who tells his mates he’s gonna destroy someone either verbally or physically.But when he actually sees that someone,he kisses their arse..A blustering,spineless gobshite
Hey i hear Stephen’s gonna go and tell the manager he’s out of order and report him..’No way,he’s all bark and no bite the old bluster bollocks’
by Johnb34 March 18, 2018
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When a number of children are eager to get jabbed so that they could boast to their peers that they were vaccinated and that they would innocently be protected from all coronaviruses and their variants, with near-zero worry of any short- and long-term side effects considering their age and still-developing immune system.
Politicians and pharmaceutical companies are counting on bluster shots to further open up the economy, and to boost their profit, respectively, with little regard for potential long-term negative effects on the health or growth of millions of children, who have quasi-zero say in their vaccination choice.
by MathPlus December 27, 2022
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