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Being treated like a total idiot by the media for acting/sounding like a total idiot in the media.
Carrie Prejean claimed she was Palinized in her jaw-droppingly inept Larry King interview. She is absolutely right. Her political career will be missed...
by The Evil Steve November 13, 2009
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To be publicly interrogated in such a fashion that one's mental capacity is questioned by the majority post interview.
Sarah Palin was Palinized by Katie Couric.


Did you see Governor Blagojevich get Palinized by Barbara Walters?
by Chris Deme January 26, 2009
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To ignore completely and totally a person who has absolutely nothing of value to contribute to society, the country, the world, and life as we know it.
I am so over the lies and propaganda of Kellyanne Conway I have palinized her from my life.
by mcbutterfly February 02, 2017
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