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Finnish principle of high power of will which should make you to achieve anything. Characteristics: Determination, courage, persistence (etc.)
In Finland we have three things called sisu, sauna and Sibelius and that's what we are.
by Esko Pasko May 16, 2004
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A Finnish rapper whos style is somewhat hip-hop punctuated. Alongside many other great finnish musicians Paleface without a doubt makes his way up to "the elite".
The most famous chorus:

"You can ask a man what
he's accused of or convincted of
but never what he done
Just when you think that you've
been able to turn your life around
before you know it
you're back to square one"

("Back to Square One", from album "Pale Ontologist")
by Esko Pasko February 7, 2004
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aka Matti Nykänen: A former Finnish ski-jumper who without a doubt is the best ski-jumper in the world. After his active career as an athlete in the 80's he has lived a somewhat reckless life as a performing stage artist, ended up with three divorces so far and made every effort to live his life in total missharmony ending up to tabloids once in a while.

Alcohol being a major originator in his missleaps of life in many cases has resulted him to be almost a legend in Finnish drinking culture. His immature slogans and bad performing/singing skills have made him to be a common joke in his vocational field, but his popularity however is thereby guaranteed.
"Kaikki on allright ainakin minulla. En tiedä, onko muilla" = "everything's allright with me at least, dunno 'bout others"
"Se on ihan fifty-sixty miten käy" = "it's a pretty fifty-sixty how it turns out to be"
"Elämä on ihmisen parasta aikaa." = "life is the best time in life"
"Saksa-Itävalta on mun toinen kotimaa" = "Germany-Austria is my second motherland"

And many more...
by Esko Pasko February 27, 2004
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